The BIJOU Smokers Bar

Meet our Bijou Smokers Bar, one of the favorite haunts for local hipsters as well as lifestyle- professionals from all over the world.

Taking the concept of a cigar lounge, the Bijou Smokers Bar creates an unparalleled ambience of modern yet exquisite taste with its bespoke furniture and relaxing color shade. Here, we only use the best ingredients to serve our guests. A thoughtfully curated wine list accompanies the creative cocktail menu. Enjoy the selected beers and wines, or be amazed by our “spirit-inspired” handcrafted cocktails with your friends or business partners in our bar. Various evening activities and wine tasting also take place on occasional dates. Come on in and leave all the stress at the door, bask yourself in a delightful atmosphere at our Bijou Smokers Bar.

To the vibe, cheers.

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